Dan Boas

President – San Francisco Division

"Our track record for exceptional work speaks for itself. We may be a $200M company, but the most important element of our business is people, not profits."

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David Chad

President – Peninsula Division

"We are a values-based company and it shows in every job, every interaction and every happy customer. 80% of our business comes to us from repeat customers."

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Eric Petersen

Project Executive

"Decker Electric is wholeheartedly committed to their family of clients, employees and suppliers. We have the expertise, experience and desire to construct the most amazing projects and to maintain the relationships we have built over the past century."

Jeff Bloom

Director of Low Voltage Systems

"Decker has extensive experience in multiple disciplines so we are truly a one-stop source for technology needs. It also allows us to create state-of-the-art systems while meeting project budget constraints."

Joe O'Balle

Project Manager

"Decker is special in the way the employees are treated like family. Many of our foremen and general foremen have started with Decker as apprentices and have worked their way up."

Kyle Kochever

Project Manager

"Decker has provided me with many opportunities for growth and development, allowing me to take on new challenges. No matter what your position is at Decker, you are valued and appreciated by your peers. It’s the people at Decker that set it apart from all the others."

Rory Lyons

Telecom Project Manager

"Decker is especially unique in the way that my colleagues work together in unison on and off the field. Decker will challenge any type of scenario across company division lines with a collaborative effort to achieve success."

Steve Conger

Telecom Project Manager

"The thing I value most about Decker Electric is our long history of excelling in the industry. We set the standard way back when, and we still lead the way today.“

Linda Barrientos

Project Accountant

"Decker Electric is an amazing company to work for because employees are treated with respect and given the opportunity to learn and grow in their positions. This makes Decker a very happy place to work which impacts our customers in an extremely positive way!"

Nick Moroney

Project Manager

“At Decker we are not bogged down by a lot of internal process and procedure, which allows us to work creatively and efficiently for our partners.”

Paul Giomi

Project Manager

“Decker Electric was founded on the ideals of hard work and opportunity. With each new project we take on, either big or small, we always strive to exceed expectations.”

Jesse Russo

Project Manager

“Decker Electric has the ability and experience to perform any size or type of project, while still maintaining the availability and ethics that promote lasting relationships with customers.”

Dallas Cook

Project Manager

“Decker Electric’s teamwork is one of our greatest strengths. Our knowledgeable and hardworking teams extend from the office to the field and are dedicated to providing the best quality and service on all of our projects.”

Jim O’Sullivan


“Here at Decker, we have a deep pool of experienced and capable electricians who successfully complete a wide variety of challenging projects. Our journeymen electricians are union-trained and licensed by the State of California. It's awesome to see what they can do.”

Tim Smith

Project Executive

"Decker’s 125+ year reputation is attributed to hard work and dedication. It is no surprise why Decker is short-listed as a trade partner when it comes to high-end and high-quality projects."

Joan Boas

Operations Manager

"Decker's commitment to excellence goes beyond our work product. Our employees, culture, and customer-centricity have enabled exceptional growth for over a century and will continue to propel us forward."

KC Nielsen

Shop Superintendent (SF)

"I’ve been a shop foreman with Decker for over 20 years and am amazed at the projects we’ve been a part of, a few of my favorites include the Salesforce Tower, Uber Complex and the Chase Center, home of the Golden State Warriors!"

Miguel Garcia

Shop Superintendent (SSF)

“Decker has been very supportive of me and my family. They challenge me to do my best and always make me feel like I am part of the team regardless of the project at hand.”

Crystal Ung

Accounts Payable Specialist

"Decker Electric is a company that strives to build long-lasting relationships with clients and creates a collaborative working environment for its employees. I feel fortunate to be part of such a talented team."

Myra Garces

Project Administrator

“At Decker, It’s all in the attitude; that no-nonsense and get down to business attitude. We roll up our sleeves and get the work done. I’m known by our Clients as Ms. Quick Turn Around and I wear my badge proudly.”

Kendall Boas

Assistant Project Manager

“Decker invests in its employee’s success. Creating an environment that challenges us to grow in a welcoming and supportive workplace. We continue to value our clients and strive to provide them with exceptional service.”

Marco Gutierrez

Assistant Project Manager

"At Decker, the camaraderie between our employees and partners speaks volumes about our values. We're proud to be a collective that prioritizes working for you."

Marc Goulart

Assistant Project Manager

“Decker’s unwavering commitment to excellent work sets a new standard for the future of the Bay Area. Built on 125+ years of hard work and strong core values, Decker continues to lead the way in an ever-changing industry.”

Mike Reynolds

Assistant Project Manager

“I started in the field with Decker 24 years ago and now I’m in the office. Decker takes care of their customers and their employees.”

Nancy Calderon


"I am proud to be part of the Decker team because even though it is a big company, employees are appreciated. You are not just a number; you are truly valued.”

Shane Clifton

Project Manager

"Through unwavering hard work, steadfast relationships, and an unyielding work ethic, Decker Electric proudly stands as one of San Francisco’s oldest electrical contractors, a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence."

Eric Hummel

Project Manager

“Through hard work and dedication, Decker Electric has established itself as a premier Electrical Contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area. We will continue to build on this legacy by producing exceptional projects ethically and efficiently, and I am excited to be a part of this Team.”