Modern innovation meets traditional service

With over a century in business, Decker Electric is the Bay Area’s premiere provider of comprehensive commercial, industrial, and institutional electrical services. We engineer complex solutions for some of the world’s foremost companies across an array of industries including technology, life sciences, commercial office, multi-family, hospitality, retail and residential.


While these global leaders rely on us to power their properties, they also expect us to meet exacting standards. With that in mind, we manage every project to be on time and on budget, a promise that requires years of expertise and deep discipline. Most importantly though, we bring a sense of loyalty, fairness and integrity to every project. The combination of our experience, our effectiveness and our service is what has set us apart for over 100 years.


Decker Electric delivers all phases of project work

  • Pre-construction services
  • Design/build (65% of our projects)
  • Construction
  • Installation


Our areas of expertise

  • Commercial office
  • Biopharmaceutical lab and manufacturing facilities
  • Multi-family residential
  • Hospitality and retail
  • High rise office
  • Low voltage technology voice/data/security/AV


Over the last 15 years, Decker has ranked in the top 2% of all medium to large electrical contractors as the safest electrical contractors in the state of California.


Our services include


The best way to ensure a project is on time and on budget is to create a rock-solid game plan from day one. We work to identify any and all potential challenges at the onset so we can manage estimates, materials and schedules to ensure controlled costs.


  • Survey site
  • Evaluate programming, space issues and current codes
  • Provide reliably accurate conceptual budget estimating during the schematic design section of the process
  • Interface with Utilities (PG&E, PAC Bell)
  • Review potential lease language
  • Develop schedule controls
  • Value engineering
  • Manage the permitting process with the local authority having jurisdiction
  • Evaluate options
  • Technology planning
  • Evaluate equipment selection ( both cost and lead times)
  • Identify long lead time material
  • Constructability input and review


Engineering and BIM

Owners and general contractors need to know their design goals are never compromised by cost considerations. That’s why we outsource both our engineering and Bim design. This separation of disciplines offers a reliable system of checks and balances so Decker can identify the best engineer for each project, based on workload and areas of expertise.



With our own internal team of multi-talented foreman and our years-long relationships with vendors, general contractors, engineers and owners, we can offer the best pricing possible. Our longstanding relationships allow us to pass savings on so you get the best product at the best pricing.


  • Procure electrical equipment
  • Procure technology equipment
  • Coordinate with other trades
  • Coordinate weekly meetings with GC and owners
  • Institute safety measures
  • Ensure quality control
  • Manage change
  • Manage documents
  • Provide accurate and timely change order pricing
  • Schedule deliveries
  • Provide appropriate manpower based on job schedule
  • Offer solutions to any and all challenges
  • Provide multi-partnered installation schedules
  • Provide all closeout documents and warranties
  • Provide appropriate owner training